Knife awareness and Safety

According to a BBC Newsbeat knife crime survey "25% of people know someone who has been a victim of knife crime... More than half of those questioned said they are worried about teenagers carrying a knife and 44% think the police are unable to protect them from violent crime."

knife awareness demonstration

As a further example of confusion and fear regarding knives in the workplace, teachers now have the power to search pupils for weapons, but most have not been trained to do so, and are unsure how or when they should search.

Get Safe knife awareness courses can make your staff safer, including those at higher risk such as nurses, teachers, security, shop assistants, and lone workers. Contact us for details of knife safety and awareness courses.

  • Give staff confidence to know what to do and how to do it
  • Help clear up many dangerous misconceptions
  • Explain what force they can and should use
  • Save lives and protect your workforce

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