Why Choose Get Safe Training?

Why use Get Safe Training for restraint, breakaway, safety courses?

We can help you meet your legal duty to protect your staff from foreseeable harm, reduce your liability, and avoid accusations of misconduct.

You can read below to see why we are the best qualified, most cost-effective training... but don't take our word for it! See what others like you had to say about our restraint and safe handling courses.

A third of teachers have faced aggression from pupils. It is a foreseeable risk, and must be treated as such - meaning staff should be trained. We are a Licensed Centre for Delivery of Awarding Body qualifications in Breakaway and Restraint techniques.

Our instructors hold the following qualifications:

  • Managing Challenging Behaviour, Physical Skills Tutor Award, L4
  • Advanced Awards in Coaching and Instruction in Physical Restraint, Awarding Body L3
  • Delivery of Conflict Management Training, Awarding Body L3
  • CRB – Enhanced Disclosure
  • First Aid at Work Trainer,H&S Regulations 1981
  • Weapons Awareness and Skills Instructor, H&S Regulations

In addition, all our restraint instructors are:

  • Accredited Restraint Instructors.
  • Certified Conflict Management Trainers Awarding Body L3
  • Advanced award coaches qualified by Edexcel Awarding Body L3
  • Fully insured
  • First Aid certified H&S Regulations 1981

Get Safe Training is a Licensed Centre for the delivery of specialist Awarding Body Awards that can improve the safety of your staff and help you comply with legislation - reducing your liability - in a range of areas such as Physical Restraint, Breakaway Techniques, Security or Care.

 Providing information and training helps you to meet your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your employees.

Why get training in conflict management, restraint, health & safety, and rights & responsibilites?

There are many reasons why you may need to provide training for your staff, perhaps as a matter of urgency.

  • Protect your staff, service users and the public from injury, liability, lawsuits, and claims of negligence, and inappropriate conduct.
  • Protect yourself from litigation, fines, and criminal prosecution by complying with the law and taking your legal responsibilities seriously.
  • Protect your business and profits by reducing injury and absenteeism and potential liability.
  • Increase morale at work by giving staff the confidence to act appropriately and competently, and demonstrating that you care about their safety and peace of mind.

Or why not arrange a low cost briefing for your management and staff to explore the legal requirements surrounding the use of force at work? This budget conscious approach allows you to consider your requirements from an informed position and make sure that you book the training that you really need.

All restraint training delegates will be treated with dignity, consideration, courtesy, and with respect for their personal beliefs and abilities.

Learn more about how courses from Get Safe Training deal with the Basic Law surrounding physical intervention and restraint techniques.

Learn more about safe and legal physical restraint techniques.

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