Physical intervention with children and vulnerable adults

There is a lot of confusion over what force, if any, can or should be used when dealing with aggressive or violent children, young people, and vulnerable adults.

Too many policies put children and carers at risk through ignorance of the law and use of improper or illegal support/restraint techniques.

Get Safe Training can offer help and advice.

vulnerable children and adults

If you are concerned about the safety of your staff, children or others in their care, and your business, then get in touch with Get Safe training.

We offer specialist courses and Awarding Body qualifications that are tailored specially for your sector, run by experienced qualified individuals.

Our courses provide:

  • Conflict management skills to help your staff defuse emotional situations and calm children, young people, and vulnerable adults.
  • Understanding of basic law which enables staff to make dynamic assessments of what they can and can't do in any given scenario.
  • Breakaway skills to help keep your staff and service users safe during violent encounters.
  • Restraint training to support and protect service users, children, and staff.

Learn more about the basic law surrounding use of restraint and physical intervention.

Learn about dealing with conflict, safely and legally, as it relates to schools, teachers and children.

Learn more about safe and legal physical restraint techniques.