Conflict is an ever-present occurrence in human society. Even a relatively minor confrontation can lead to aggression, violence, injury, imprisonment, and even death.

The more tools an individual has available to defuse conflict (such as training and knowledge of legal rights) the safer they and people around them will be.

Our in-depth and professional conflict management courses are designed to empower people by giving them the skills they need to avoid, defuse, and contain aggressive or violent incidents before they begin, or escalate.

knife awareness demonstration

Could your staff foreseeably be exposed to violence or aggression at work? If the answer is yes, and training is not provided, then you could potentially be found criminally negligent should incidents occur.

Courses cover wide ranging topics including:

  • Triggers
  • Physical awareness
  • Communication Models
  • Legal Factors
  • Inhibitors
  • Risk Awareness
  • Case Studies
  • in-context, reality based Scenario Training.

Prevention is better than cure! By booking courses with Get Safe Training you can help protect yourself from lawsuits, your staff from violence, and your business from subsequent loss of profits and reputation.

Contact us to book a course with Get Safe Training. It's quick, easy and great value for money!